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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Soil moisture (humidity) measure system

   A nice and interesting gadget for Arduino board is soil moisture sensor, who can buy from Sparkfun,
ebay, aliexpressbanggood, etc.
   For last version schematic is:
   This version has 2 outputs, one analogical and one digial. If value of humidity is bigger than reference led D2 is on:
   I use a LCD1602 with i2c interface with a Arduino Mega (ADK) board and my test schematic is:
   I write a sketch named lcd1602_i2c_soilhumidity_ver0.ino put on my github channel:
   If sensor has probe in the air:
and if I put wet fingers:

and than I put a clone Arduino Uno board:
   Next step was to I use a Arduino Leonardo:

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