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Monday, June 13, 2016

Arduino on VGA display

   I search for info about how can use Arduino as VGA tester or video card.
   First credible article is Simple VGA/Video adapter who can use 8-bit AVR MCU like ATmega8, 328, etc:
   Article is writted by Maxx Ibragmov and a their montage is:
   On TV, resolution is 20 rows with 38 character each:
and on VGA monotor, resolution is 20 rows with 20 characters each:
  I wanted fast result and try other adapter montage (without diodes):

   First test was with info from article Arduino generated VGA (color) signal - Complete!
who use this schematic:
   I use Arduino IDE 1.0.3 and my test image is:

NOTE (27.09.2017): Now site is "down", so you can download usefull files from !

   I try to reproduce a more complex image like in article Arduino generated VGA (color) signal - Complete! (other site, same author):
but image is not clean.. and I jump to other material find in article Basic Arduino VGA:
   I use same Arduino IDE 1.0.3, but my test image is not same in original article:
   Next step was to reproduce expermiments from Nick Gammon with VGA
   First is a black/white VGA video card for 30 rows with 20 alphanumerical characters each. Schematic is simple:
   This VGA video card use i2c protocol for comunicate with other Arduino board, but results are very poor on transmision data (author say: unfortunately incoming data (can) make  the display "glitch"). I made a movie (explanations are in Romanian language, but you may can understund what I want to say):

   Next test was with moving colour test image on VGA display, using this schematic:
and a image is:
   I made a movie with image on VGA (saame, with explanations are in Romanian language):
   Next step was to test VGAX library writted by Sandro Maffioda after Nick Gammon info.. on display resolution is 120x60px with 4 colours.
   Schematic is simple:
   You can made some combination:
1) red & green made: black, red, green & yellow:
2) red & blue made: black, red, blue, purple:

3) green & blue made: black, green, blue, cyan:
4) red & cyan (green + blue) made: black, red, cyan, white:
5) blue & yellow (red + green) made: black, yellow, blue, white:

6) green & purple (red + blue) made: black, green, purple, white:
   I made some movies for understund more easy:


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