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Sunday, July 10, 2022

X9C103 digital potentiometer with EEPROM stored initial value

      I received few X9C103 digital potentiometer modules with 10kΩ and I need to prepare it for tests:

   I used this schematic:
where in A0 is voltage fron wiper of potentiometer (as a resistive divider for 5V power supply) and also I read 5V voltage in A0 (to check if is 1023).

   In the previous tests with a remote contributor X9C103 potentiometer not store value in NVM, so I used an oscilloscope to saw the signals... the signals are ok, but chip not store the value in NVM (non-volatile memory):
so I used EEPROM memory from Arduino Nano board (ATmega328P chip).
   Last sketch is pot_X9C103_1_1.ino. and in this sketch it used LapX9C10X library (also X9C103 chip "not want" to store the value using writeNVM() command from this library).
   I upload the X9C103 digital potentiometer with EEPROM stored initial value where you can see how sistem works:

Bibliography: article in romanian languageTeste cu potentiometrul digital X9C103 (10kΩ) !

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