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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

How to test NEM652 decoder with "DCC ready" board

 original article

   A few weeks ago, I  posted article named "DCC ready" board for classical locomotive (DC loco) where it presented how can be use the "DCC ready" board 


   I'm beginner in DCC so I try to show you how can test a NEM652 decoder on a DCC ready board. Later, I'll show you how you can install the decoder in your locomotive.
  For add the NEM652 decoder on DCC ready board you must remove small 8-pin board and connect the decoder:
- initial

- remove 8-pin board
- add NEM652 decoder, with correct position 

   I found some info about the NEM652 decoder:
   In order to test the decoder I used info and files from
   I used for tests:
- 0-30V/0-10A power supply (set to 12V voltage & 2A maximum current)
- Arduino Mega board (clone)
- Arduino Motor shield (clone)
- LCD1602 display + i2c interface (added later)
   First I cut trace for VIN as in article from
- initial (using a DMM on diode domain, test if resistance is near 0Ω)
- after (using a DMM on diode domain, test if resistance is big, OL - open load on display)
  I used easy way using installer for sketch in Arduino as in article from
  For controller (Throttle) I used a web throttle as in article from
    I used an Automatic white/red light for analog locomotive (DC) instead DC motor:
    I make a video named test a DCC decoder (NEM652) with Arduino Web Throttle where I presented how I used the Web Throttle and how react board with NEM652 decoder.
   Later, I added LCD1602display with i2c interface and I used again installer. Decimal address is 63 for 3F as hexa number for i2c interface adsress

On display of command station is shown logo
or state of decoder
Adapter board + NEM652 decoder + bicolor led as "locomotive" and Arduino Mega + Motor Shield + display as command station:
- forward
- backward

    I want to find if my decoder has active Function 1 (pin 3) and Function 2 (free purple wire) so I added a green led at pin 3 in series with 3k3 resistor to pin 7 (common V+), also I added a yellow led at free purple wire in series with 3k3 resistor to pin 7 (common V+). Usual value for serie resistor is 1kΩ, but 3k3 was in my way.
   I make another video, named test a DCC decoder (NEM652) with Arduino Web Throttle - 2, where you see how I control "digital locomotive" through Web Throttle 
    Later, I added a wi-fi board with ESP8266-01 at Station:
and I uploaded sketch in Arduino Mega using the installer:
after I find channel for my wi-fi (bbk2 - channel 4):
On display we see the IP adress and port for station:
   I install Engine Driver application on my Android phone (see more info about aplication in article Choosing a Controller (Throttle)
   I tested also Function 1 (Bell) and Function 2 (Horn)

   I tested the system with Android Throttle (Engine Driver application) and I make a video named test NEM decoder with DCC++EX Arduino Station and Android Throttle. For this situation, information on LCD display are very useful (IP and Port).

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