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Saturday, October 27, 2018

matrix mini clock with alarm, thermometer and hygrometer

   After some time, I update project "mini clock" with DHT sensor, schematic is now
  Because, I realize in original program I haven't all characters I need, I "reverse engineer"-ing  file with characters using Hexadecimal to Binary Converter to made new charactes:
So, character are vertical and from up to down. so I design my characters:
     Now, my character file has new characters 😆
   For not be problems, I remane my file as and put near original file
So, for testing, I simulate al cases:
- low humitity (< 10%)
- normal humidity 
- 2-digit negative temperature:
- 1-digit negative temperature:
- 1-digit positive temperature:
- 2-digit positive temperature:

    I use DHT22 (AM2302) sensor so sketch is
and if you have DHT11 just change to
   I use RTC with DS3231, but work without changes with DS1307 (note; DS3231 is more accurate than DS1307)....

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