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Friday, January 15, 2016

NRF24L01 radio module and Arduino (radiolink joystick to servos)

   In article RadioLink-Joystick-To-Servos are use NRF24L01 radio modules with Arduino Uno boards, one joystick, 2 servos.
   First module is made with:
- one NRF24L01 module 
- one Arduine Uno board 
- one joystick 
and transmit position of joystick (X & Y position) for second module made with:
- one NRF24L01 module 
- one Arduine Uno board 
- two servos.
   Servos made motion depending joystick position.
   Sketch for transmiter and receiver use RadioHead library (download).
   I made schematic according sketches (with small changes):
- transmiter:
- receiver:
and I made some changes in sketches for control a led (or laser) when push momentary button from joystick.
   On you can find sketchs for:
- transmiter: nrf24l01_tx_2servo_sw.ino
- receiver: nrf24l01_rx_2servo_sw.ino
   I made some pics in different position of joystick and 2 servos:
- in stand-by:
- when push momentary button:
- joystick at left:
- joystick at right:
- joystick in up direction:
- joystick in down direction:
   I made a movie named radiolink joystick to servos using NRF24L01 & Arduino when explain who work this ansamble: transmiter-receiver: