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Friday, October 25, 2019

PCB from PCBWay

    A very good solution for you to have a good PCB (board) is to place an order to PCBWay.
   First, you need to made an account on PCBWay site and after that, you can search on PCBway database.
   I order PCB for three projects:
1) AVR Atmega Fusebit Doctor (HVPP)
2) Ardutester
3) Simple VGA/Video adapter
    First project, named  AVR Atmega Fusebit Doctor (HVPP) is an old project for recovery stuck AVR microcontrollers.
   You can read more details about this project in this russian article.
   Fot this project, I received this PCBs:
    Second project project 13 arduino componen tester is based on my article named Ardutester who was wited by me a 4 years ago.
   PCB made are very nice:
   Last project is for Simple VGA/Video adapter 
witch has PCB design.
   My received boards are: