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Saturday, October 20, 2018

6 Digit 7 Segment HT1621 LCD Display Module with Arduino

   I buy from Gearbest an interesting lcd display with 6 digit 7-segment drived by HT1621 chip.
  I search informations about this display and Arduino development board and I find few articles, but more usefull was article from I test the schematic presented in article
with HT1621_test.ino sketch and on display is 23:45 clock with animated second and after 17 degree Celsius:
This mode can be see it on HT1621 6 digit 7 segment LCD display test video
   After some search and study I can put easy decimal point, so, using HT1621_test4.ino sketch, on display is a random hour clock with animated seconds indicator (between hour and minutes)
and random temperature (negative and positive)
   In HT1621 6 digit 7 segment LCD display - test 2 video you can see this display mode:

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