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Sunday, September 23, 2018

NTP clock using OLED Wemos Lolin ESP32

   I buy an interesting ESP32 development board module because it has built-in OLED display drived with SSD1306 chip (is classc 0.96" OLED display).
  I combine 2 sketches to use NTP clock data (see for more info). This sketch is ESP32_OLED_SSD1306_NTP_0.ino who use ESP32-OLED0.96-ssd1306 and NTPtimeESP libraries.
   You can see how is clock displayed on OLED display while whatching NTP clock using OLED Wemis Lolin ESP32 movie.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Matrix clock with alarm

   At begin of this year I find article Mini led clock and I test using changed sketch (mini_clock_1a.ino) and schematic
   Also, I made 2 movie:
clock on matrix led display with MAX7219
clock on matrix led display with MAX7219 (2)
   Now, I add alarm feature, schematic is now
   Using mini_clock_1_2.ino sketch now you can see data and if alarm is activate by pushing second button (if alarm is deactivate, on screen not apear text with them).
    I made matrix mini clock with alarm movie when you can see how clock work