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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Thermostat for recycle pump at heating system

   For heating system using wood or another solid combustible materials who use recycle pump, I design a simple thermostat to power the pump just if water temperature is bigger than desired temperature.
   Schematic is simple
   Tom, a friend of mine, made practical system with Arduino Nano on PCB:
Using DS18B20_thermostat.ino sketch system work like in this photo:
- when temperature of heating water is bellow than desired temperature pump is off
- when temperature of heating water is bigger then desired temperature pump is powered.
Tom made more tests with sistem:
    Tom made 2 movie (speak in romanian language):

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Animated Light Stairs

   This interesting project was made by Bogdan Arnautu, reader of my blogs. He use an ATmega8A-PU chip in this schematic (for 14 leds):
   In this video you can see how system work:
   You can use Atmega8A_Iluminat_inteligent_trepte.hex file with Khazama software.
   Few photos with system:
   I write my sketch using Arduino for