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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Measuring AC Main Supply Voltage with Arduino (2)

   In article named Measuring AC Voltage with an AC to AC power adapter from OpenEnergyMonitor I found a interesting solution for measure AC voltage.
   Schematic is
   I use EmonLib library like in article:
   On DSO I see on R1 resistor
and at A2 input of Arduino board (on R4 resistor):
   I use an LED display with 8 digit 7-segment drived by MAX7219 (I present on article namend Modul de afisare cu 8 cifre LED din 7 segmente fiecare controlate de MAX7219
   I use some configuration for LedControl library (dosc at The Arduino LedControl library):
   Test schematic is
   I write main_voltage_emonlib_1.ino sketch and upload in Arduino board:

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