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Monday, September 26, 2016

Home acces using keypad from outside and push button from inside

   I made a system for home acces with delay-off using keypad from outside and push button from inside. I write a sketch for use actuator or solenoid.
   In stand by mode, solenoid (or actuator) is released.
   After I indroduce good code *1234# from keypad actuator is unlocked for 0.7 seconds; about 5 seconds acces is permited, after that actuator is locked for 0.7 seconds. Same cases are when push button from inside.
   If you use solenoid instead actuator, after I introduce good code *1234# from keypad coil solenoid is powered about 5 seconds, after that coil solenoid is released.
   Base test schematic is:
but if you use actuator, schematic is
and if you use solenoid, schematic is
   A comrade, Tommy, made a permanent montage on PCB for actuator:
   I put an alphanumeric LCD1602 display on i2c and an RTC module with DS3231 (or DS1307) and base schematic is:
   If you upload acces_code_keypad_3.ino sketch. in standby mode, on display is hour & date:
and when acces is shared and a open padlock is displayed.
   In movie named door lock acces with code and pushbutton you cand see all I write:

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