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Friday, July 8, 2016

MCP4261 dual digital potentiometer

   I have an MCP4261-503E/P dual digital potentiometer hwo can control via SPI interface in 256 steps (0 to 255 - 8 bits).
   I use info find in article Arduino - Using digital potentiometers part 2 (MCP4251) from Matthew McMillan's blog.
   My digital potentiometer is in THT/PDIP capsule:
   After info from Mattew's sketch I made my test schematic:
and after made some changes, I upload MCP4261_mega_lcd1602_i2c_test.ino sketch.
   For tests, I have some particular cases:
- both on minimum 
- first potentiomer at minimum and second at maximum:
- first potentimeter at maximum and second at minumum value:
- both at maximum:
and after that I put to change steps from 0 to 255 to see the difference between potentiometers:
   I put on net 2 movies:

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