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Friday, July 8, 2016

FM radio with TEA5767 and Arduino

   A 3 years ago I tested a radio with TEA5767 module controlled by Arduino and use 1602 alphanumerical display (see article named Radio FM cu TEA5767 si... Arduino)
or Nokia 5110 display (see article Radio FM cu TEA5767 si... Arduino (II)
  Now, I use a 1602 alphanumerical display with i2c interface and Arduino Leonardo board:
   Schematic is very simple:
   Using TEA5767_eeprom_i2c_lcd1602_1m1a.ino sketch I can search forward or backward and after I decided what radiostation I listen, frequency value is sotred in internal EEPROM memory of microcontroller from Arduino board.
   In TEA5767 FM radio and Arduino movie you cand see all feature of this radio with Arduino...

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