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Friday, July 3, 2015

SDA5708: 8 character 7x5 dot matrix LED display

original article !

   Recently, I received as gift, for tests, a special display named SDA5708. This display was used in old sat receiver Nokia DBOX1 and is,like in title, with 8 character made, each, with 7x5 dot display led.
   After I received this display, I search technical info about this display and I found some: 
   Using info from second article, I redesigned connection schematic:
   I made a schematic using info from 3rd article:
and after I upload the changed example sketch, on display I can see:
I made few changes in example sketch, for display my ID used on net:
   After this first step, I put an AM2302 with 4k7 rezistor (same as DHT22 sensor) for read temperature and humidity info:
and I change the sketch for see:
   Result are good and I put an RTC clock module made with DS3231 and momentary switch like in schematic:

and I can see, after I write sketch named SDA5708_DHT22_ceas_simplu.ino:
   Now, I can go to nest level, a full weather station with adjusting clock usin rotary encoder.
   I made this schematic:
   After I write a full sketch named SDA5708_DHT22_ceas_encoder_v1m2.ino, cyclic, on display I can see:
- clock:
- temerature and relative humidity:
   After a short push, I can see the data (day.mounth.year):
   After a long push (3-4 seconds), I can d change the data:
- year:
- month:
- day:
- hour:
- minutes:
   I made a movie, named weather station with adjusting clock on SDA5708 display where you can see more than I write:


  1. how to build simple 5x7 dot matrix clock 4 chanel ( only 4 pcs dot matrix , pin 13 for second ) with arduino ?

    1. dht not used, clock only, please help me

    2. I haven't time now.. later... sorry

    3. you solved "problem"? or you still need help?

  2. 8°C 82%7 Temperatur 1 Digit Humidity 82%7 ???

    1. try to change degree sign with *... I just copy symbol from net :)))