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Monday, July 6, 2015

KTM-S1201: 12 Digit 7-segment LCD display

original article !!

   Like SDA5708: 8 character 7x5 dot matrix LED display, this display is received as gift for test.
   KTM-S1201 display is drived by NEC D7225 (UPD7225G) chip and I found a very usefull article named Arduino and KTM-S1201 LCD modules
   I use also info from
   For control this display with Arduino sketch must download KTMS1201.h file and put in same directory with sketch:
and in Arduino IDE software you see:
   First step was to made a pcb for schematic with a 10..20k variable resistor for contrast:
   Schematic is made after nest info:
   Test schematic is:
   After upload the example sketches and few changes in sketches, on display I can see:
   After that, I made a new schematic with DHT22 (AM2302) sensor:
   I write a sketch named KTMS1201_DHT22.ino and on display I can see:
   I finished the schematic with RTC clock module (made with DS3231, but work fine with DS1307) and KY-040 rotary encoder:
After upload KTMS1201_DHT22_RTC_ver1m0.ino sketch, I cand see:
- hour:
- humidity and temperature:
- data, after a short push:
- change mode, first year, after a long push (3-4 seconds):
- change month:
- change day:
- change hours:
- change minutes:
   I made few movie:
    Final sketch is KTMS1201_DHT22_RTC_ver1m1.ino and I use a changed KTMS1201.h file for C and Y letters:
   Finally, I change the sketch (see KTMS1201_DHT22_RTC_ver1m1b.ino) for another style for humidity:

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