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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

i2c LCD1602 drived by STM32F103C

   I wanted to use STM32F103 instead Arduno Mega for a radio with TEF6686 (see details at
   First, I tested classical sketch named i2_scanner but I received no device or error at all adresses beginning with 0x01.
   I search on internet and I found an interesting article STM32 I2C SCANNER. Because informations from there are too much and must read carefully, I change directly Arduino mega with STM32F103. I saw logo info on display and than nothing. I realised STM32 send correctly i2c comands to device, ut not understand messages from any device. LCD1602 (or LCD2004) need just commands, so can be used.
   I tested with LCD1602 powered from external 5V and STM32 board with 3.3V fron USB-FTDI interface or through USB using internal voltage regulator.
   Schematic is as in article from
    I made i2c LCD1602 drived by STM32F103C movie using STM32F103_i2c_LCD1602.ino sketch:

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