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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Unidirectional Communcation between 2 Arduino boards

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   I want to send many commands using just 1 wire (and ground) so I use 2 Arduino boards.
   Base schematic for unidirectional communcication between Arduino boards is
and you can test this simple mode communication using info from article Tech Thurday #005: Arduino to Arduino Serial Communication.
   For sender (transmiter) I use a keypad with LCD1602 shield (see
This shield has the schematic
   Test schematic is
and sketch for transmiter is transmiter_v0.ino and sketch for receiver is receiver_v0.ino.
   If you have v.1.1 shield you must have
and for v.1.0
   I made Unidirectional Communication between 2 Arduino boards
  The states for this system are:
- all button are free (not pushed)
- if you push SELECT button
if you push LEFT button
if you push RIGHT button
if you push UP button
if you push DOWN button

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