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Thursday, November 2, 2017

"Daytime Running Light" module (DRL) with ATtiny85

   A reader of my sites and blogs, Mr. Liviu Hinoveanu wanted to replace classical DRL module made with 555 with Attiny85 programmed in Arduino style.
   He send me the schematic and PCB designed with Livewire and PCB Wisard software:

   After I undertand what module must work, I write DRL_ATtiny85.ino sketch.
   Mr. Hinoveanu made module and upload sketch in ATiny85 like in article from Programarea unui microcontroler ATTiny85 cu sketch Arduino.
    In movie named DRL cu ATtiny85 you can see who module work, but description are in romanian language:
   After engine start, I can adjunst in few stepts intensity of lights (from minimum to maximum, by pushing button repeatedly, when value in smaximum and pres button intensity go to minimum...).
   If I set manual light from original light switch, module is off.
   Whne enggine strop, module made a "dinamic lights"style from maximum to off in short time.
   Module detect engine start by increase tension value on battery because work the alternator).

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