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Monday, May 1, 2017

Gear Shift Indicator

   For car tunning enthusiastic like my friend George I design a Gear Shift Indicator based on my old article when use just keys, diodes, few resistors and 7-segment display. Now, I use TLE4905L hall sensors instead simple keys (push buttons) and Arduino board.
   Schematic is simple:
  If you upload my GearShift_1.ino sketch, on display you can see:
- P for parking
- 1 for first gear:
- 2 for second gear
- 3 for third gear
- 4 for fourth gear
- 5 go fifth
- 6 for sixth gear
- 0 flashing for reverse gear
- nothing for unknown state:
  You can see George's movie (without sound 😎) named Gear Shift Indicator with first test in workshop:

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