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Saturday, November 26, 2016

FDS-125 display with Arduino (2)

original article

   In previous article I present you how can conect an FDS-125 display to Arduino and how mase a simple, but "static" clock style
   For made an "dynamic" clock, I use some schematic
  I write in exitting sketch to display name of day in week in 2 language (romanian who is my navitve language and in english). It easy to change in your navive language by writting name of days in one line:
  Is very important to have in same subdyrectory of sketch font75.h file like in this picture:
  So, by uploading FDS125_clock1b.ino sketch, you cand see on display new info, beside date:
   In Arduino clock on FDS-125 display (2) movie you can see on FDS-125 display all info:
   After that, I put an AM2302 (DHT22) sensor for humidity and temperature, like in next picture:
   Newest skertch is FDS125_clock_RTC1c.ino and on display you can see new situations:
   Because, DHT sensor is too slow when is reading, I made some changes to see temperature and humidity in same times, also I chege font75.h file to display degree symbol instead ': 
  New sketch is FDS125_clock_RTC1c1.ino and this new style can be see it on Arduino clock on FDS-125 display (4)

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