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Saturday, October 29, 2016

1.8" TFT display with ST7735B

   I buy an small 1.8" TFT display with ST7735B driver and I try to connect directly to Arduino Uno board as I see on net... but result was not good... display is almost white
and just disconnect accidentaly the GND I can see something...
   So, I search on Arduino forums and on net (article INSTRUCTABLES: Arduino TFT display and font library ) and I found a solution like Nokia 5110 monochrome display .. I put 1k resistor on each data pins to Arduino to display:
and I tested more Arduino library for this display with ST7735 driver (from Adafruit, TFT library, ucglib library, etc) and I made  move to see .. movie is named ST7735B display with Arduino board

NOTE: Original article is in roumanian language, see Afisaj TFT de 1,8" cu driver ST7735B !!!

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