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Monday, June 13, 2016

Arduino on VGA display

   I search for info about how can use Arduino as VGA tester or video card.
   First credible article is Simple VGA/Video adapter who can use 8-bit AVR MCU like ATmega8, 328, etc:
   Article is writted by Maxx Ibragmov and a their montage is:
   On TV, resolution is 20 rows with 38 character each:
and on VGA monotor, resolution is 20 rows with 20 characters each:
  I wanted fast result and try other adapter montage (without diodes):

   First test was with info from article Arduino generated VGA (color) signal - Complete!
who use this schematic:
   I use Arduino IDE 1.0.3 and my test image is:

NOTE (27.09.2017): Now site is "down", so you can download usefull files from !

   I try to reproduce a more complex image like in article Arduino generated VGA (color) signal - Complete! (other site, same author):
but image is not clean.. and I jump to other material find in article Basic Arduino VGA:
   I use same Arduino IDE 1.0.3, but my test image is not same in original article:
   Next step was to reproduce expermiments from Nick Gammon with VGA
   First is a black/white VGA video card for 30 rows with 20 alphanumerical characters each. Schematic is simple:
   This VGA video card use i2c protocol for comunicate with other Arduino board, but results are very poor on transmision data (author say: unfortunately incoming data (can) make  the display "glitch"). I made a movie (explanations are in Romanian language, but you may can understund what I want to say):

   Next test was with moving colour test image on VGA display, using this schematic:
and a image is:
   I made a movie with image on VGA (saame, with explanations are in Romanian language):
   Next step was to test VGAX library writted by Sandro Maffioda after Nick Gammon info.. on display resolution is 120x60px with 4 colours.
   Schematic is simple:
   You can made some combination:
1) red & green made: black, red, green & yellow:
2) red & blue made: black, red, blue, purple:

3) green & blue made: black, green, blue, cyan:
4) red & cyan (green + blue) made: black, red, cyan, white:
5) blue & yellow (red + green) made: black, yellow, blue, white:

6) green & purple (red + blue) made: black, green, purple, white:
   I made some movies for understund more easy:



  1. Hi, I tried do "Basic Arduino Tutorial" but not work, monitor says this messsage "out of range", Have any sugestions?
    My arduino IDE version is 1.8.4

  2. download portable version of Arduino IDE (1.0.4) and test again

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